Wednesday, March 11, 2009

History of Soychild

It's short, I promise.

For 3 years I've been sporadically blogging between 3 blogs, deliberating whether blogspot, xanga, or livejournal was the appropriate blog host for me. I have settled on this blogspot where the links of all my past blogs (ahem. failures) are posted.

My first blog, did not survive the blogspot changes. I can't log in, sadly, and the username, soychild, was absolutely perfect. So, minor change, adding the extra 'i' on this username, seems to be appropriate. Barely.

My second blog, my livejournal, was a better attempt. I posted quite a few on that one, and although I did like the lj-cuts, everyone seemed to have a blogspot.

So I created another blog, on blogspot,, and that was technically my second blog but I didn't update it until just recently. I felt the username was unrelated to my future posts so I created this one,

The picture on top is not me, rather, it's my aunt. (dad's sister) My dad found old pictures of his childhood in Korea not too long ago and scanned a bunch of them, and I think they're all beautiful, so I'll probably post a few soon.

That's my daddy. :] Int he a cutie?

Why Soychild, if not SincerelyYoungLove? I will be surprised if you even knew what that question meant. I have an Etsy shop, SincerelyYoungLove , and this blog is meant to showcase that, as well as other things. I didn't name it SincerelyYoungLove because it's simply too long. I like the sound of soychild, anyways. So poo on you.

That is all.

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