Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tempe, Arizona.

Today was one of those long days. My best friend, Erin, her mom, my Aunt Laura, and myself went out to the town. :]
The day started at 7:45 in the morning, and we dropped Erin off to the acting studio. Aunt Laura and I went to Ikea during that time, and let me tell you, it's very easy to go in there with no agenda whatsoever and come out with a big huge cart full of stuff, at which case we decided that IKEA does magical things to you. Those darn Swedish, with their modern designs and economically friendly prices.

Then, we picked Erin up and headed to Tempe. I've lived here for years and have never been to Tempe. There, I found a street full of amazingness. I couldn't help but compare it to Hawthorne in Oregon. The streets were paved with local stores, kitschy boutiques and quirky businesses. And of course, what is a quirky street without street performers?
We had lunch at this Irish-themed restaurant, I was so confused. (Bangers and mashers? Sorry, WHAT did you call me?)

There were almost hidden passageways that led to gardens and more shoppes. There was this lovely foreign import shop with beautiful things from Thailand, Cambodia, Africa- it was so charming!

Lotions and Potions Shop:

and the best thing ever: the Brand X shop.

I went in there and was impressed by the interior, even. There were movies playing, and a waiting area with an oldschool nintendo and couches. They customized t shirts for you, based on your choosing. I made my brother this shirt for his birthday.

Whether he'll actually wear it or not, God only knows. He better. I spent almost $30 on this baby. But yeah, this store was by far my favorite.
If you are in Arizona, head to Tempe!
In joy in life,

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