Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steps to Happiness.

So I decided to add a new section today.

Steps to Happiness will be my journey to add little tips and suggestions to basically make you and the world happier. Just small things- baby steps can go a long way.

So Step 1: Hug someone.

You remember the 'Free Hugs' guy:

How do you feel when you receive a hug? Hugs are actually proven to help reduce stress and increase a feeling of happiness? Makes sense once you think about it. So go ahead. Go hug some strangers. (If you're feeling less ambitious, your family and friends are a good start.)

This was me and my brother waaay back. We used to hug all the time. I mean, I still would, but you know guys these days.. afraid of losing their man card.. so he tries to crush me and make me never want a hug... it's working. But I'm giving him mental hugs.

ooOOooOO (little hug little hug big hug big hug x2)

in joy in life


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