Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wise up, Little Sister.

I kind of think resolutions are pointless. I'm setting myself up with failure! I never ever keep my resolutions and it's a little frustrating. I always am incredibly sporadic and have moments of healthy eating and then I revert to junking again. This gets me dirty looks from my younger brother. Sometimes telling people to shut up is appropriate. Not really.

But here are a few ideas, I still have time, it's 8 o'clock:
  1. Become an expert at something
  2. Enjoy the outdoors more
  3. Perform random acts of kindness
  4. Care deeply
  5. Be patient
  6. Get better with outfit posts
  7. Give.

You know what I asked myself late last night? Why am I so selfish? How can I be more caring? How do I stop being selfish? Just genuinely care about others more than you. Get back to the ground, you bigheaded jerk.

Perfect example: Horrid day shopping. I haven't been in Arizona Mills in over two years and the day I do, I only buy TWO things because every shop closed at six. I was so pissed beyond belief. I was very upset because I planned EVERYTHING around this day and it all closed at six?! Sometimes I wish people wouldn't hold me back. If it weren't for CERTAIN PEOPLE NOT WAKING UP AT A CERTAIN TIME THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED.

I obviously have trouble with this. I expect things to go as planned, no hitches, and have no patience. Obviously. This I need to work with.

2009 out,


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