Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Before The HORROR.

School begins again tomorrow. To be quite honest, I am a little excited. I never knew how to completely relax, because if I start to, I become lazy! It's not a good thing.

Anyway. Today I started thinking about my camera, and that I should really start experimenting with it. I have a Nikon L100, and I never really knew how to toggle with various settings and whatnot, so I just did it, like Nike says.


High exposure and contrast as well as midtones are good.

verrry good.
black tank (underneath)- WalMart
black top- Last Chance, Outlet Store
high waist skirt- Marshall's
Shoes- Some little booth in Korean near the subway. o.0

Photobucket Eyeglass necklace- Made by me (from plastic to-go containers, mind you.)

..And this is my backyard. Don't let this picture fool you. It looks like crap in real life. :]

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