Friday, June 18, 2010

Tell me the difference.

How did we get from this:
To this:

To this.

Does anyone see some pattern here? These are pictures of the projected body type of the decade from the 1920s, 1950s, and today. All vastly different body types, each getting smaller and smaller until there seems to be nothing left.
I want to stress that I am not bagging on any body type here. I get upset when people tell smaller framed women to 'eat something' or 'put some meat on your bones'. Everyone makes the assumption that they are anorexic or have some disorder. It's on the same basis of making larger framed girls more uncomfortable. This post is only about the different body 'ideals' throughout generations, nothing else!
Probably one my favorite decades of all time would be the 1950s. The fashion, movies, and overall pop culture was, to me, at its epitome. Most actresses on the big screen were curvy, healthy-looking (well, in comparison.) but now, what has the universal ideal come to? Skin and bones is sexy. Sure.
Well, I just want to say that this crap that has become the norm, is absolutely despicable. How dare corporate entities try to change what is appropriate or not. What's more upsetting is that we're their pawns that are more than willing to obey. It's hard to defy what's been stuffed down our throats for so long! But, I believe that one's own ideas are more important than what's deemed as the norm.
Every body type is beautiful, as cliché as that sounds. Don't believe all the stuff in the magazines, movies, and tv shows that reinforce the idea of skinny=beautiful. What you have is absolutely amazing, and respect should be shown all around!

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