Saturday, November 19, 2011

classic specs,

Outfit Details:
Blouse- F21
High Waist Shorts- F21
Tights- from my mom
Flats and belt- F21!

New glasses? Eh?? My current ones are perfectly fine, but I just want some more options on top of my contacts and hipster glasses. Let me just add that I'm blind. If you wear glasses and have perfect vision, put those things away and be thankful for your perfect eyesight!  It is not fun waking up blind and going to bed blind. Trust me. 

So my weekend was good so far, bought York peppermint patties and the new Childish Gambino album so I'm pretty psyched. Not to mention I've been watching Doctor Who all night.  How was your week?!



  1. nice blog ♥ i like your style ♥

  2. be careful with those york patties, my friend got a box of 175 and left them in my room...i've averaged about 10 patties a day and I know they're not healthy enough to be consumed in those amounts hahaha

  3. V smart glasses. I REALLY want some new glasses but just can't justify it when I already have a perfectly functional pair.

  4. Thanks ladies! Chuck, the only reason I'm getting them is because they're my Christmas prezzie :) I could definitely be happy with the ones I have, but they're like shoes. I can't. Have. Enough.

  5. Cute outfit! I'm so glad F21 has come to London now.

    Plus I know how u feel about glasses; when I wore them it was uncool but, now I wear contact lenses 24/ 7, they're in style!

    Fi xx

  6. schöner blog, die bilder und dein stil gefallen mir sehr gut ♥


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