Saturday, March 3, 2012

everybody wants to love

Hello strangers! 

I hope you've all been doing beautifully, the weather here in Arizona is slowly becoming warmer and warmer and I'm loving every second of it before it gets scalding!

Last weekend a few friends and I went to a Japanese festival downtown. There was a shocking amount of anime people, is there a name for them? You know, the people who dress up like anime characters? It certainly was... entertaining regardless! Later I went shopping at the mall and grabbed some cupcakes at a bakery in the mall (why am I suddenly obsessed with fancy cupcakes now?) but they weren't as great as I'd have thought, better luck next time I 'spose. Anyway, it was super fun and definitely a deserved break from all this college nonsense.



  1. you're obsessed with fancy cupcakes AND over-priced caramel apples at the mall :)

  2. this festival seems to have been great. I'd love to see these "people". you and your friends really look cute.

  3. You are wearing a vest and the sun is shining and those ice things (?) are enormous! What is going on? Feeling baffled in cold, grey London. x

  4. That first picture is really awesome. Actually all of them are- looks like fun! And I just love cupcakes- they're delicious. Haha. :)


  5. Haha who can deny gourmet cupcakes? :) Chuck, you are making me SO grateful for the weather here, so thank you for that! The sun will come shining in no time, at least you can rock the layers, right?


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