Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I Choose Blogs Over Magazines

Magazines. There are more than thousands of publications, hundreds of kinds of magazines, and individually more than you care to admit in your bookshelf or in that unnamed territory under your bed stained with various Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors. I can say for myself that I have every cover of Seventeen and Teen Vogue from 2008-2010. I was an absolute fanatic and loved the idea of getting new, glossy magazines chock-full of cutting edge trends and fashion-related stories. But when my subscriptions ended a little more than a year ago, I saw the light. 

Why do I love blogs more than magazines? Simple. 

1. Blogs are unedited, unfiltered, and REAL. Especially fashion/style blogs. The individual's blog shows a very personal side of him/her and I feel that I get more ideas from one style blog than from one magazine packed with pricey advertisements and stories subtly hinting social pressures. The way one person decides how to pair a favorite skirt with a casual tee and flea market accessories, or where one prefers to shop for new clothing- all of it tells a unique story of personal style that you simply can't get in any magazine.

2. I love that you feel a real sense of connection with the blogger. One of my favorite bloggers is Keiko Lynn, and when she was featured in different ads, I wanted to tell everyone within an earshot that I KNEW this girl. Well, obviously I wasn't best friends with her, but we would reply to each others' comments back in the day and I had a sense that I was welcomed into this part of her life that she posted online. I swear that this wasn't meant to sound as crazy as I just realized it did. But the point is that bloggers have this weird connection- we bring our cameras everywhere, have an innate sense to write, and love to talk to other bloggers. With readers it's also similar, it's addicting I tell you!


3. There are no potentially harmful messages in blogs compared to magazines (usually). A blog is from a person to another person. It's a beautiful thing. Look at the magazine covers above. If you really look at it from an outsider's perspective, it just looks ridiculous! "Your Ultimate Sexy Hair Guide"? "The Shocking Way Celebs Lose 20 Lbs. Fast"? I just wanted to look at the shiny, pretty things, not grovel with the new knowledge that I'm not ripped in the ab department or have lackluster hair. If I wanted to feel sorry for myself I would have worn a muumuu into a frat house. Or something like that. Magazines are packed with news that never fail to remind you how imperfect your life is, and I'm not gonna take that sitting down. Or standing, for that matter. I like blogs because its like a fashion fingerprint. All of these different people and styles fascinate me, and bloggers are unapologetically them

So I hoped you got a little something out of this. Magazines are great, but I think that in fashion, there should be a more individualized approach. Long live the blog revolution :)


  1. I agree that blogs are a fabulous addition to life; however, I don't think I'll ever stop buying magazines. I love having something to hold on to, that I can rip apart and collage back together later. Good post, though!

  2. That's a great point! Having something physically there is always irreplaceable. I know I feel that way about books. The Kindle is amazing, but there's nothing like having a good book(:

  3. Yey, ME! And in esteemed company! Thank you. I love the magazine covers juxtaposed against real people - it highlight how plastic and inane they are. There are still a bunch of magazines that I read (fashion/art, food, creative & features writing) but I had to give up my addiction to those glossy fashion/gossip/weightloss magazines because the occasional nice photo doesn't make up for the unendingly vapid content. x

  4. great great post! very well written! and i love seeing taza and elaanor, they are the absolute cutest!

  5. Oh my gosh.

    I would choose blogging over pretty much anything... :)

  6. Blogging is the best! I used to buy so many magazines but then I realised blogs were so much better!

    Love your blog - pop over to mine sometime too!


  7. Love this post!
    Maybe you'll like my blog?

    I'd love it if you follow if you like TBA!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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