Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to keep it Classy and Cropped.

I've made some observations about the crop top trend, and as much as I love this style, I personally can't bring myself to reveal so much of my midsection- I think there are ways to pull it off that shows just a *sliver* of skin and it's just so much classier. The trick is to not make it look like you literally put on a bra and booty shorts. Make it show that every piece you wear is intentional!

 How you portray your body says a lot about what you think about yourself, so these are just a few crop top options that show just enough. 


1.Fitted crop top with a long flowy high waist maxi skirt 
I am a big proponent of outfits that are well-balanced. Something short and tight needs to be paired up with something relatively long and loose. Tight + tight should be restricted to nights out and loose + loose should be... lazy Sundays or Woodstock.

2. Crop top and high waist trousers/ harem pants.
Such accessories. Much wow. A classic white tee crop with some semi-fitted high waist trousers is such a versatile option- and not to mention the kickass accessories. This. I want all of this. 

3. Boxy crop top and high waist skirt

Now this option is a little riskier and probably intended for girls with an obviously smaller waist- or you risk the crop top giving the illusion that your waist is bigger than it is. However I really enjoy how the silhouettes offset each other- it gives it a little variety. 

4. Honorable mention: Bold crop top and skirt sets

I love, love, love this outfit. Like, so much you guys. It's a problem. The only reason I give it Honorable Mention is because it shows a little too much skin for a casual occasion in my opinion. You could consider getting a longer crop top, but with such a bold graphic print as this, a little break is definitely welcome visually. I'd consider this a perfect outfit for a day on the beach or maybe a music festival? This is a bold option, and I'm definitely going to try and make my fair share of sets for the shop this summer.

Some words of caution:

I'm over crop tops and high waist denim shorts... Maybe because I see so many girls on my campus that choose to sport this option. I feel like there are so many creative wears to sport this piece of apparel, don't limit yourself! Besides, in 20 years your kids are going to think those shorts are ridiculous. (It's okay I love wearing them, too.)


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