Thursday, March 12, 2009

Desperado ♪♫♪

Listening to my friend's radio station, KPRP, and I couldn't be more proud of her!!

Listen to the Burk and Budd show at 7-9 (AZ time, that is..) They just started yesterday and I hope they go far! To listen, click here! and listen live!!
Uneventful day number 6 of my Spring Break. I actually couldn't be happier. Lethargic, practically sleeptyping, I love sleep, have I mentioned? It's a wonderful day outside, sunny and perfect tanning weather. On a distracting note, I just made cupcakes for my best friend's mom's birthday!

The heart on the bottom right took me an ungodly amount of time, actually. Sadly, I don't think she enjoys Funfetti batter. (Crazy, right? :]) So I had to settle for chocolate batter, which is still satisfactory, I must admit.


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