Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break has flown.

Sadly. ugh.

I talked to my older sister today, (Happy Birthday, Dana unnee!!) and I told her about my lethargic week, and told me that I was 'recooperating', which made me feel quite good about myself. It's nice to know that my laziness will lead to something productive. (Although it probably won't.)

I'm not ready to face the week ahead of me, really. I don't want the classes and responsibility. I've reached a standstill, creatively, which kind of kills a little of the motivation I have to do things. I just want to stay home.

The weekend was spent in the backyard, at the movies, at my house, at church, and at Erin's. My backyard is really something. Pool, jacuzzi, fruit trees, mini golf area, the whole 9 yards. It's a little barren in random places, where my dad failed to uphold his promises of planting grass, which he later defended himself by saying we wanted a 'play area' there. Chyeah. While we were taking out weeds, actually, my mom and brother did while I complained, my brother saw that a bird made its nest in our lemon tree.

Do you see it? The pigeon made a little nest and we concluded that she was laying her egg, because she saw us and didn't fly away. Cute. But pigeons are dirty, dirty birds.

I watched Taken today, after all of the hullabaloo of people who already saw it. It was quite good, especially toward the beginning, and I'm sure that it will be shown to children and teenagers, especially, all over the world to enlighten them. It sure scared the crap out of me. No more teen road trips!

Let that be a lesson to you all. Don't be stupid, now!

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