Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Highlight of my day!!!

By far.

I was offered an internship/job for a fashion designer. I couldn't tell which because I was so numb with excitement, I was just blubbering like a fool. You shoulda seen me. It was quite hilarious.

Her name is LaRae Subay, and she's a teacher at my school, and she heard about me through my awesome English teacher and she offered me this amazing opportunity!

She asked me about my experience and stuff and she said she'd love for me to help her out for a photoshoot in April! Chico's is also interested in marketing her stuff, as well! Her line is Black Ankh (unfotunately her website is a bit askew) and it's really inspiring to look at! It looks a bit hard for me, but I'd love any chance to help her out! I'm SOOOO EXCITTEEEDDDDD.

And I also did my fashion show audition, and I think we have quite a good chance at making it, thank you to all the models! You did beautifully!Hm. I've been in the mood to make a zine lately. Maybe a whole collaborative thing with a bunch of friends. Would you do it with me? :]

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