Saturday, April 11, 2009

Victory Garden

Remember reading about victory gardens during WWI and WWII? Well I just saw a little snippet on the news today, stating the benefits of these little things especially during the recession. I believe they said that food prices were to go up 5% this year, that's alot.
And what a perfect time to decide that I wanted a garden! About two weeks ago, I had a terrible itch to start a garden, so I grabbed a few cucumber seeds (seemed easy enough) and a few flower seeds, (don't remember what kind) and planted them. I watered them tirelessly for the first week, but I became very,very lethargic towards the second half.

But anywho, it rained yesterday, and I decided to take pictures with my new camera, and look what I fouuunddd!

A little sprout of my cucumber seed grew! I'm calling this 'un Lucky. :]

And now I shall leave you with other pictures...

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