Sunday, June 28, 2009

Everything is Spinning.

I woke up today with my room spinning around me so I got up to get to the restroom and I was wavering.
I figured it was a 5 minute thing, but it's lasted for quite a couple of hours now.
I suspect it is dehydration or lack of rest. Boy, have I been busy.
I stayed up until 1:30 (you can laugh, but to me that is late!) doing my online courses, because I laid off of it til yesterday. I have a good excuse for it! So much work.
Fortunately, it is my last week of college classes, and must cram for trig. CRAM.

But in other, happier news, I went to Kohl's yesterday and found that there was a 90% off sale.
I freaking love Vera Wang's line. Her tops were about five dollars so I got two gorgeous white blouses. Pictures soon. :] I'm slowly rebuilding my wardrobe.

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