Saturday, July 18, 2009

Homemade bread and Rockband.

So I decided that I would make bread today. Just out of the blue.

Ha, not really. I think what made me want to make it was watching the Story of Stuff video. I thought of different things I could do to stop wasting so much. Making my own stuff and resources seemed like a good start, alas, bread! We already have a vegetable garden as well as plenty of fruit trees, so instead of investing in livestock, I chose the grain section of the pyramid and looked up recipes.

I used this great honey wheat recipe to use with the oven:

And let me tell you, it tastes great with honey and butter. You feel like you've eaten 2 gallons of ice cream, but it's a WAY healthier alternative! Think of all of the toxins and additives you have in packaged breads.

I encourage bread making! If you choose to knead it, it's completely worth it!
In Joy In Life,

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