Friday, July 17, 2009

I am grateful for..

my family.
I have a big, loving, asian family. We're not perfect, sure, but there's a lot of love we have to give. I have been really 'on the edge' lately. It doesn't take much to tick me off, and it makes me feel twice as bad when I start screaming or getting angry. Why have I blatanly ignored all of the love and care in my life and turned it into animosity? I should be spreading the love and kindess back. I'm lucky to have such a kind family, and we all have our faults, but we should take that with the lovely traits they have. Also, if they aren't the best family member, we should know that we are better than having someone else subconciously dictate who we will be.
There's not enough self-respect in the world. Too many people are making the wrong decisions, the wrong choices, all because we don't think we're good enough. Society has made us think we're less valued. The truth is, everyone is valued the same. They are priceless. Don't compare yourself, your differences are what makes you so amazing. Spend time telling others how this is true, rather than making negative assumptions, it's the worst thing you can do. Always keep a state of mind that says: "I am priceless, and so is everyone else, and I should treat them like it."
I am a very private person. I only have very few best friends. VERY few. They share with me a good outlook on the world, and a sheer wanting to change the world for the better and become a better influence. Sometimes we get a little blue, because our efforts don't really come with any results. But, I think we're doing something. Maybe some good karma just released into the air and went some stranger's head to do a kind deed? I don't know. Think of how the Universe works, is it a cycle of good and bad? Maybe. Maybe we can do more good things and then it will circulate and actually get through the heads of some people. It's all on us, not your neighbor, your local politician, or any other stupid excuse. Just do it.
In another matter, please check out . It's a little lengthy, but completely worth it. It shows you a little bit of how our economy has gone a bit haywire, do with it what you will.
In Joy In Life.

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