Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Town Recap

Finished this in one week, partly because it was a school assigment. (NOT in the rules!)

Basically, this three-act play takes place in a very small town in the early 1900s. The main characters are basically two families and a few other citizens of Grover's Corners, the city it takes place in.

I actually hated this book at first- it was so boring and it didn't seem to be particularly interesting. It was almost amusing at how the little things in this small town were such big news.

Each act represented a different stage in life, so the last stage, obviously, was the best part. The overall message that was revealed in the last act was quite inspirational.

The message was the brevity of life, and how we do not see what is in front of us.
I really wanted to tell you everything, but I want YOU to read it!

This play is a classic, if you didn't know, known as "THE great American play."

Next Book:

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov, in 2 weeks.

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