Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Changes...

First off, I learned today, that FOR SURE, my family and I will be going to Korea for a little bit in the summer. This is very exciting- I get to see my grandma and aunts. But one blaring exception flashed in my head- I am NOT FLUENT in Korean.
Yes, I am 100% Korean, and yes, I know the most rudimentary phrases (where's the bathroom, thank you, please, this tastes like chicken) but I would really like to hold a decent conversation with my grandmother, whom I love so much. I used to be incredibly fluent as a child, and somehow I just lost it. A chinese friend of mine was saying how she didn't know her native language that well, and we were both kind of ashamed. We are proud of our heritage, no doubt, but what is there to show for it?
So, up until that trip, I will practice Korean. Phrases, words, etc. I will practice conversations with my parents until I can speak with a somewhat stable voice.
In other news, I am starting a new project. One I WILL stick to. One that WILL end up better than my shameful Project: 365 attempt.
I will read one book every two weeks.
Now why not one week? Because I have a busy life. I simply do not have the time!
  1. Read ONE book every two weeks.
  2. If it is a small book, (Like The Alchemist ) the deadline will be one week.
  3. I will post a brief summary and what I learned from it after it's been read.
  4. At the end of every month, (or two months) I will post my favorite book for that time and why.

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