Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, these rants don't come very often!

I've only too recently discovered who I am and what it takes to be oneself.

There will be many roadblocks and breakdowns in my life, but I refuse to change for someone else just to please them. God made me who I am, and I am lucky to know even that bit of information.

I DON'T cuss.
I DON'T do drugs.
I DON'T have sex before marriage.

I AM a Christian.

I love others.
I dress really odd.
I spend a lot of my time doing homework.
I care for the happiness of others.
I love to rant, obviously.
That's who I am.

Also, I will not be too quick in judging someone.

I'm so sick of people that judge me. I am myself, can you figure me out by looking at me? Everyone is a puzzle, just waiting to be solved. Some mesh well with other puzzles, some don't. But even if you do or don't, you know what people need to learn? Some freaking respect. Respect for others and their feelings, and the fact that everyone is different.

If someone doesn't respect you and your differences, that is just an absolute, downright shame.

Love everybody, absolutely everyone and everything.

And: Be yourself. Fully and uncompromisingly you.

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