Saturday, February 13, 2010

Step to Happiness: Valentine's Day

Let's get rid of any negative connotations associated with Valentine's Day.

It's a beautiful day. Who doesn't love love? There should be more days dedicated to things like love. Many people relate Valentine's Day to romantic relationships, but that's just silly if those were the only things that are celebrated!

So go give everyone you love and care for a big ol' hug and tell them you love them and always will.

Things I LOVE:
  1. I love my parents. They love me soooo much, and I am soooo lucky to have them. They dedicate so much time and effort to me!
  2. I love my brother. He is SUCH a good brother, and I mean it. He always does anything to help me, and is so caring!
  3. I love the REST OF MY FAMILY! We're a big family, and I love them endlessly, each and every one of them. There's some perks in being in my family, automatic love! :]
  4. I love my friends: From old friends to new, I love them because I know they will be there for me, which is all that matters.
  5. I love God. (Haha, that should have been number one. :]) I love everything He has given me and am thankful everyday for every single blessing put before me!
  6. I love my life. We are all extremely blessed to be living here at this time. Some people aren't as fortunate, so we should be spending our time helping them as much as we can!
  7. I love music and art in general. It keeps me sane!
  8. I love being weird. It helps me be open-minded and it adds a little flavor to this world!
  9. I love love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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