Monday, June 21, 2010

And if you want to be free, be free.

Don't you love surprises? Good ones, of course. You know, the ones that sneak up on ya and make your whole day?
Well, I got one with this skirt. (That sounded vaguely pathetic, now that I write that out!)
I actually borrowed *took* this skirt from my mom. It was entirely to big as the elastic had dried out, so I altered it to fit my natural waist. I also took this bodysuit (a la Gaga) from her too!
It's nice having a fashionably eclectic mama.

White underskirt (Yes, it's actually for under wear!): Mama
Black bodysuit: Mama
Vintage cameo necklace: Garage sale at a city of snowbirds*
Flats: F21
Belt: Came with a shirt
Scarf: Came with shorts!!
*Basically, where the elders of our generation live for retirement.
Oh! And this thursday I have an appointment for senior pics by my former coach, Rebecca Bailey Hobert. She does wedding pics, senior pics, you name it, and they're all so adorable and sweet, not to mention, she's an amazing person! I'm super excited! Check out her site

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