Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am learning to become a professional liver. (Oh, and not the organ)

Earlier today in class, I was pleasantly surprised with an e-mail from the ever magnificent Superforester Jackson. I'd e-mailed Superforest about a week prior telling them about how much I adore the blog and owe a big deal of my life to it. Superforest is an amazing blog centralized on positivity and celebration of peace, in the most brief summarization. I've followed this blog for two years now, and its inspirational and wonderful posts have constantly been giving the daily boost of positivity for days on end.

In this e-mail that I wrote, I thanked Superforest for helping me through the harder times and helping me learn to promote happiness, rather than push my anger to others. In his response, he wrote:

"I have my crazy days too... Mostly when I feel bonkers, or something is getting
me down, I try to be quiet and cheerful. Happy outside/happy inside... I often
think of the images of the Buddha that I most like, the ones where he is
smiling. I think: Now, is he smiling because he is enlightened, or is he
enlightened because he is smiling?"

So what exactly are we doing that keeps us from enlightenment, from happiness? It's all the hardwiring in our brains. Anger, jealousy, negative feelings keep us from joy. All we need to do is one little thing to start a chain reaction: smile!! It's psychologically proven to make you happier,
even if you do it for no reason! Positivity is a human attraction, it "attracts and multiplies", as Jackson artfully put it. Stay happy, stay grateful, even if it gets a little tough. It might take a bit of practice- I'm still learning- but I know what to do, and it benefits us in so many ways! Your life will seem to be getting more exciting, luckier, and unforgettable, but it's actually your actions that put you there.

So, as a closer, I'm using an exercise I learned on Superforest.
Fill in the blank: I am _________


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