Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artist I Love: Sia

This is Aussie singer Sia.
She is amazing.
Her voice is quite unique, almost jazzy in a way, and all of her upbeat songs have great beats and stick in your head all day. Her slower serenades are endearing and you can feel the emotion by just listening to it.
I think that her infectious childishness is what makes Sia so great. She never wears makeup (save for the costume makeup so beautifully illustrated below), and always likes to have fun in her music videos. She has an indominable spirit, both on and off the screen.
*Also, she suffered heat exhaustion from wearing that bunny outfit. If that's not suffering for art, I don't know what is!

If the video freaks you out a little bit, just close your eyes, browse another site, I don't know! Just listen to the music! :)


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