Monday, June 28, 2010

Senior Pictures, part one.

Aahh, I am so very happy! I got my senior pics in!
I'm a very lucky girl to have such wonderful, talented friends. My ex-cheer coach and Tae Kwon Do buddy from a few years back is actually a professional photographer who take the most beautiful pictures that are just full of vibrant energy! (You're learning more about me in this one paragraph than any other posts combined!)
I've known Mrs. Hobert for.. let's see.. six years! Time just flies by, so take pictures, record today, and live!!

My hair's so mussy. But that day was sooo hot, I was definitely breaking a sweat! What I love about Mrs. Hobert is that she makes sure your pictures represent who you are as a person. She knew exactly what I wanted, and even did things I didn't even know you could do with pictures.

If you live in Arizona , seriously check out Rebecca Hobert's Site.


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