Monday, June 14, 2010

Tips like Mint!

The backyard kind looks like if it were a person, it'd be kinda dead. (Eloquent, right?!)
I was kind of in a rush today. I spent 8 hours in the educational facility learning about market baskets, Burke's Pentad, and Type A/B personalities. Grody.

I'm kind of digging this coral lipstick. What's weird is that it looks red on me, probably from the yellow undertones from my skin? Wow, didn't mean for that to sound so racist...
Crochet skirt/dress: Handmedown from mah mama.*
Sandals: Handmedown from mah auntie.
Sash: Y'know. Just laying around.
Dude!! Go to Sally's Beauty Supply and get these cute little nail polish bottles for 99 cents! I got a light purple, light green, and gold one. :]
Times are tough, I have to make do with what I have, especially stealing my mom's clothes.
*= Oh, and screw you sun, I don't care if black will absorb your rays.
Lipstick: Coral by Revlon!!


ahem. now time to study.

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