Saturday, June 12, 2010

Um, what?

I was traipsing along a few other sites, and then I saw this picture:

By Urban Outfitters. I actually like Urban Outfitters. The clothing that they make are cute, stylish, and not very affordable, actually.

However cute they may be, it doesn't change the fact the UO has the tendency, to well, piss people off. I've noticed a pattern of scandalous things from UO. Nude ads gracing some pretty public blogs/sites, gun-shaped christmas ornaments, and then these offensive t-shirts.

UO wants a bad name. The advertising agency purposely set up a negative method of gaining attention so they can make people think they'd be rebellious and 'cool' by wearing their products. Don't fall for it. What message is this picture saying?

UO: You're too fat to look good, so stop eating.

This isn't very humorous or witty at all. In fact, it totally feeds off the insecurities of the modern woman. When will people realize that we are victims of the advertising industry?

Who even came up with the 'skinny girl is a beautiful girl' idea? Not us, the ads. We are seriously spiraling down a rabbit hole of anxiety. It takes a lot of work, not to be affected by ads. We see about 500 ads a day. It takes some serious analysis: what colors are used? what's the overall message? what methods are used to get you interested? do they stretch the truth with suspicious words?

Don't let the world dictate who you are! Be yourself, fully.

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