Friday, July 9, 2010

Korea Day 1

It's ten at night here, and I'm freaking bushed. It's not like I did anything especially strenuous today, I'm just unbelievably tired! Nothing went as planned today. I found that I brought my laptop for no reason since the charger wouldn't fit into the electric converter, and would most likely overheat. My curling iron almost caught on fire today, to the joy of my obstinate cowlick. My silver camera's memory stick doesn't plug into any laptop or camera here, so my brother and I have to share (my) other camera because he is so intent on vlogging every day. ugh.
But anyway! I started the morning off with some good food of course! I got an egg, Korean ham, bread with this amazing cream in it, and some chamae. (Cham-eh: Korean melon, very sweet and refreshing!) Korean ham is like Canadian ham, only 10x better. You don't here this often, but this ham can kick Canadian ham's tuckus. Oh, and the bread here is to DIE for. There are fresh bakeries absolutely everywhere here, and they are soooo good. So soft, and the cream inside is always fresh, and... uhh. Oh. So. Good.
Those nasty innards on the plate are the chamae's seeds, like cantaloupe. The plastic bottle is banana-flavored milk! Cute, huh?
Korea Day 1
For lunch, I hate Soon-dae. (Soon-deh) It's... okay, don't judge me and keep in mind that this is the grossest thing that I eat.
It's blood sausage! Pig's blood, vermicelli noodles in a tubing that is of a source that I do not want to know about, boiled until it's cooked. It's usually served with a mix of salt and red pepper flakes, and slices of the pig's liver and.. lung. I didn't eat those.
Actually, I felt adventurous and ate the tiniest bit of the lung. I almost tossed my cookies.

Blood sausage. Try it. :)

Korea Day 1
ANNDD for dinner, we had some Yam Yung Chicken. To the left is some Korean fried chicken that was WAY better than American chicken, mind you, and the right was the Yam Yung Chicken. It has this amazeballs marinade made of soy bean paste or something, and it's perfectly spicy and crunchy, and.
perfect in every way.
I missed my Korean food.

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