Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do I Love You? My Oh My.

Outfit Deets:
Tulip Skirt- Korea for hecka cheap!
Shoes- Mom's
Sheer cardigan from the 90's- Mom's
Necklaces- Made by my aunt

This is my favorite outfit to date. :) My mom's shoes, don't worry. I don't go strutting at school with these babies. (Although I have no objection with dressing like a celebrity every day.) Stressful week, and more to come and I am ecstatic. Sarcasm aside, you know what actually is freaking ecstasy inducing?! There's a 95% chance that I will be going to NY Fashion Week! For my graduation present, I'm flying over to NYC with my uncle and will hopefully stay the entire week. I'm psyched. So. Freaking. Psyched.
In other news, Happy Birthday to Hilary!! I know you'll read this eventually, so I wanna let my kindred spirit know that she's one amazing girl! And don't gripe about the picture. I know you will. But I think it's adorbs.


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