Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things are Looking Up

I never win anything. It TOTALLY made my day when I checked my e-mail and got an e-mail from Keiko Lynn of Postlapsaria saying I won her giveaway contest! It's so cool, seeing as I'm thoroughly obsessed with Keiko Lynn's blog (said in the most un-creeperish way possible of course.)

I actually got this poster from Funky Fondled and Fresh. I am thrilled I got this because I love the colors and Art Deco-ish feel to it. Oh, happy day. Thank you Anelia and Keiko!

This picture is here because every post should have a picture or else it gets boring.


No posts at all lately BECAUSE we are moving. Literally in the same neighborhood. Whoever thinks that moving down the street is easier than to a new city or state: you're wrong. Straight up, yo. Every single day we have been completely spent with throwing aways stuff, packing, garage sale prep, actual garage sales, and whathaveyou.

Soooo freaking tired. So tired. Once I get everything settled I'll get into sewing and taking pictures again. But for now, you get leftovers!

I'm going to get a pedicure now. At a nail salon. I've never been to a nail salon! (You racist, I know what you're thinking.)


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