Thursday, November 11, 2010

The blogs in my life. :)

Yes, yes. I'm aware my Photoshopping needs work. Patience now!

1- Keiko Lynn has such a whimsical, girly style and she dresses up even when she has nothing to do that day! That's my kind of thinking. Her posts are very well-written and her style is so true to herself! I love checking every day to see what outfit she decides to put up on her site!
2- Painfully Hip is based off of Arizona. I always hope that I'd run into her someday. :) Her blunt bob and edgy style gives me something to look at and she takes part in photoshoots and promos constantly!
3- Casey's Musings is all about the vintage. Casey Brown used to be a costume designer but now she works on vintage patterns to make the most amazing recreations! And to top it all off, she is incredibly sweet. I would ask her questions about vintage patterns and she is always prompt and polite. I love nice bloggers!!
4- Apricot Tea's blog to me is much more than outfit posts because she really has insightful things to say. This blog is more of a diary format compared to others. She talks about her life much more than any other blog I follow- you can't stop reading because you can really tell that she's a genuine human being. And I love her laid-back style, too.
5- Rockstar Diaries by Taza & Husband is probably the cutest blog in the world. Referred to me by Hilary, these two are the cutest couple ever! She's a dancer who's now pregnant (eep! :DD) with a serious sense of style, and He's a Columbia grad who loves wearing bowties. It's meant to be. They talk about food, their bulldog, and their family.
6- I Am Donald is Donald Glover's blog (You know, the guy in Community and Mystery Team?!) He's freaking talented: a rapper, a writer, comedian, actor. I have a crush. Officially. He recommends music, videos, restaurants, and I personally think it's ALL good. And I always appreciate a guy who doesn't mind wearing shorts ABOVE the knee.

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