Sunday, November 28, 2010

If I Could Be Anything In The World...

I'd be a ballerina. I've always been terribly jealous of all ballerina's posture- the effortless way they glide when they walk, their shoulders back and heads high, I can honestly say that I have never walked like that (well, naturally) in my entire life. I've always tried to emulate the posture but I gave up. It hurts. I favor my fetal/couch potato position!
 I love all the screenshots from the upcoming movie The Black Swan. I had to read the synopsis and read what it was all about and am mildly interested! But heck, I'd watch it for the aesthetics itself... I like looking at pretty things.
 Gotta love Natalie Portman! The photos below are from The Ballerina Project. It is described as a "collaborative work of dance, fashion design, and photography played out against the city's landscape", and holyshamolies it is just GAWGEOUS. Just look at all the pictures- they made me so happy looking at them, you won't regret it!

Photos: adrants, mydisguises, The Ballerina Project


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