Monday, November 29, 2010

Knee Sock Fever... Can't... Stop...

SO. A few weeks ago I dyed my hair to a reddish color, and after waiting a good hour, I rinsed my hair and lo and behold- nothing. Well, barely. You have to see my hair in direct sunlight to see the reddish tint, so I decided to highlight a few streaks. I had my mom do it and I was having some internal battle not to tell her to hurry up- she did the top of my head first so it got too light, while my right side came in 2nd place with my left side looking like I didn't even highlight anything.. When I rinsed it out I was so upset I almost cried!
Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was (flourescent lighting is of the devil, people) and I look like an awesome tiger that morphed into a human now. I guess the proper term is copper streaks in my dark brownish hair... I was going to dye it back but everyone said I was freaking out for nothing. And I'm too lazy to dye my hair for the third time, but I digress. 

I like knee socks, but it's too hard to find good ones because (my friend and I had an in-depth discussion about this) they can create a muffin top with your thighs. I'm so paranoid about it, so I got a size up in the socks. Maybe they should make Spanx for knees? Bah.

Outfit Details, Yo:
Dress: Given to me by my aunt
Knee Highs: I really don't know..
Shoes: Mom
Well. Those details are of no help. I apologize!



  1. Wow lady, thanks for your amazing message on IFB! Since I joined I have been getting silly messages that say, "Follow me and I will follow you". Your message was so sincere and made me feel welcome and good about my blog at the same time! Is there any way to follow you on GFC as I only see Bloglovin on your sidebar. I have Bloglovin but never remember my password for it so I tend to stick to GFC. Thanks so much for your amazing message!

  2. Oh wow, it definitely took me quite a few minutes to figure out what GFC was! :) Haha I'm sorry, I added it to the blog now!

    And I'm really glad you appreciated my message. Your blog post was really amazing- not a lot of bloggers just open up like that. I hope all is well, and thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog!


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