Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dynamite with a Laserbeam

...Guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND. Ohh caviar and cigarettes, well-versed in etiquette, extraordinarily ni-

Oh. Well hello, I did not see you there.

 Yesterday night I thought it was hilarious when Facebook was riddled with statuses that had to do with finals and/or studying. I was one of the complainers, though... I finished my chem exam and am extremely anxious about the results. Apparently I HAVE to get an A in chem (yes, typical asian family. shocker.) so I'm trippin balls right about now. But only a few more days of finals, which the rest of my finals are high school finals so I'm not worried about that.

Why is it that when people tell me to dress nicely that I have the most trouble picking my outfit? It's terrible! I took my pic for the yearbook's senior superlatives (guess which one I got!!) and had the hardest time picking something to wear. Still not entirely happy with my wardrobe choice, but whatevs dude. I got my pretty headband from my Secret Santa and love it so much! It's got jewels and chains and makes me happy.

Guh. Repainting nails today after one day... I am always so impatient with nail polish. I seriously cannot wait for 15 minutes (is it usually 15 minutes?) to let my nails dry. I have things to do, places to go, Youtube videos to watch!

Did you notice that flawless transition into this video? Haha I'm a writer, ma! Some Ernie Halter to raise your spirits!

I sincerely hope you will not spend your Christmas in jail. :)


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  1. Queeeeeeeen♥♥♥♥♥♥
    You may not be happy with your wardrobe choice, but I sure am. You look lovely!
    Good luck with chem! I'm sure you'll do good, you seem smart :)

    ♥ Olivia


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