Sunday, December 19, 2010

Epiphany- You're Not Stuck Up If You're Great

*UPDATE* Whoa, this was featured on IFB's Weekly Roundup?!  I'm trippin' balls.

I love this dress, it was originally marked at $10 (At Goodwill?! Still expensive for me) so my brother paid for half and I thought that was a much better deal. He's cool. I just freaking love this dress!
 Outfit Details:
Dress- Goodwill
Flats- DSW
Sweater- Mom's
70's Necklace- Vintage, my dad collects

Also, my brother's a pyromaniac, so he always has some kind of firework handy. Palm trees beware:

Yesterday was really boring- nothing to do, friends on vacation/working, felt lazy, etc. So at around 9 at night I texted my friends telling them to get over to my house because I was making my world famous crepes. Two of my close friends came over and we did what girls do best- we talked. I have never really talked for that long. It was 5 hours straight of talking about our lives, our problems, our issues, blah. I realized that a great deal of girls in the world are really, reeally self-conscious. We honestly do not realize the level of self-pity going on unless we truly dig deep and let it all out. I was concerned at first, because I thought I had a mental disorder where I didn't see all the positive things other saw in me.

Truth is: almost everyone doesn't realize how beautiful, talented, and kind they are. It really taught me a lesson. Whenever I'm complimented, I feel uncomfortable and quietly thank them or change the subject which might make me seem snooty and pretentious. I am the exact opposite- I'm not especially fond of the attention. But we all have to realize how special we are. Take for instance, one of my friends Bee (not really her name, do not pity her!)- she is so beautiful, incredibly athletic and determined and so outgoing and sweet. She doesn't really think so, and I thought she was crazy because she did not see it at all. I didn't understand how she did not realize how she was so pretty.  Even when we think we have healthy self-esteem, we really do not. I think it's because of society/media. I never really thought that I was being pressured about my looks because I was always content with how I looked- I'm not excessively pretty or ugly, I should be happy about it, right? But we don't realize the gravity of the situation.

I think it's a crying shame we don't see what others see about us. It's hard to start believing that you really are amazing and beautiful when you make yourself think you're not. We all have our own problems that stand in the way of that. However, some people have a little too much ego with no justification (something I learned through our talks). Just look at it this way- You're not stuck up if you're great. Don't you want to be great? You already are.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is to never compare yourself with those stupid ads on TV or magazines- they're downright evil. Focus on the individual quirks that define you and make you one in a million. Look in the mirror and point out one thing you REALLY like about yourself every day, and maintain that motto in your head that
 "I'm freaking great. So whoever thinks I'm stuck up can suck it."



  1. This dress is just stunning on you! It also looks so comfortable! Looking gorgeous as always dear!

  2. Love love love your dress! x

  3. I even wince when the hubs complements me. It's so silly! You are workin' that maxi dress lady. Congrats on links a la mode btw!

  4. What a great post! I love your dress. I would also cringe a bit at $10 at Goodwill. I think my psychological threshold is around $8 max for a dress. *lol*

  5. love your maxi dress! and couldn't agree more with your message. we all need to be more aware of how amazingly wonderful we are (:


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