Friday, December 17, 2010

A Foggy Day in A Small Town

Last day of school for 2010! I went to school for an hour and came back home after Student Council (Chair for assembly, very nervewracking) D:  and I had to say goodbye to my friends who were graduating early. I almost cried, but then I remembered we would most likely hang out soon. It was scary, and weird that it was their last day forever. Some unrealized closure to the madness.

 It was foggy all morning and I was beaming. Fog is the closest thing we Arizonans have to snow, it's really sad. But I got all bundled up in front of my laptop with some tea and it felt so nice. GAH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

You like my tights? I found them in my mom's closet and stole em. I tend to pillage her closet every once in a while... I'm cool.

Outfit Details
Dress- Charlotte Russe for $5
Tights- Mom
Cardigan- Hand me down, Target
Belt- F21
Necklace- Gift, Charlotte Russe

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  1. Well...I'm here by error, I was looking for a scary image (Foggy Town) and I found you, it's not the scary image that I was thinking :) now that I am here I'll leave a comment, your socks have drawn some Viking ships, they are very funny and you look very nice.
    Have a nice day!


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