Saturday, December 4, 2010

If I Could Be Anything in the World... Pt.2

Jazz singer. No doubt in my mind. So maybe I don't have the voice, but if I were blessed with a good voice, I would definitely become a jazz singer happily!

I think I love jazz because it's got such attitude and emotion in every song- Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole both show that quality incredibly well.



I also love the freedom that jazz singers get to possess. They could rehearse with one version of a song and perform it completely different and still sound amazing. It's the excitement of improvising that gets me- you can be so creative with singing jazz. I love how Michael Buble made this song his own. :) It's so hilarious!

Oh, Frank Sinatra. Jazz is almost always about love, and isn't always about the gushy mushy stuff, it's usually about heartbreak and sorrow. It's not morbid or anything, jazz to me is really powerful because it's so emotional. It's like you can hear their own secret confessions through their songs. Frank Sinatra has such a, excuse my gangster vernacular, 'swagger' about him. It's confident and genuine, which I appreciate so much in music.



  1. I love everything about this post.


  2. I liked this post very much because i also wish I could be a jazzsinger, found your blog at apricot tea, you seem to be a cool person very talented, the way you right sounds so sophisticated for being 17 years old. and i also like your style


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