Saturday, January 8, 2011

In My Castle I'm the Frikkin' (wo)Man.

It truly is a skill to look normal perched on a rock on one leg. Truly.

 Sweater Vest- Gift from my aunt
Grey tee- 5.7.9
Jeans- Burlington Coat Factory :)
Keds- DSW

Oh dear it's been an overwhelmingly busy week. Emotionally and physically draining. I live for weekends like these, when I do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat. My wardrobe has been featuring just jeans and some comfy t-shirts because it's simply too cold to wear skirts and tights. (A part of me died a little just by typing that.) I am relishing the baths, sleeping whenever I want and waking up at a reasonable time, and the sheer joy of doing nothing. Yes, I COULD be applying for scholarship and I COULD be doing homework, but I'd like to think that this is all part of the rejuvenation process.

In other news, I went shopping with mah buddy today- which reminds me, do you have that perfect shopping buddy? Like, the one that has the same tight budget as you and takes the time to scour the racks an loves the same stores as you? If you don't, you better find one- your shopping experience will be soo much better when you simultaneously pull the same item from a rack to show her how cute it is. Anyway, we began shopping for- wait for it- ugly sweaters. We have an ugly sweater day for our upcoming spirit week and I daresay it's the most amazing idea ever. I got one, and I'm so irrationally excited! Pictures to follow very soon!! I hope you're enjoying your week, and Jim Carrey is on SNL tonight! Friendly reminder!


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  1. I want to live in that vest. Like, not wearing it all the time, but actually live in, like, the fibers. You know? Maybe you don't. I'm crazy.
    The point is, I like it. And you. I'm done now.
    Forgive me, it was a long day. :)

    ♥ Olivia


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