Friday, January 21, 2011

Inner Nerd-Dom

Yesterday night was just beautiful. Did you see the moon? Funny story:

My brother and I were driving home from college at night and to our right we saw a bright light coming out from the mountains. (Yes, Arizona has mountains, but I believe the apt term is dirt hills) It looked like an orange torch, so pretty, and this is what he said:

It looks like an atomic bomb. (He said ever so gravely.)

He really thought it was a mushroom cloud. He got legitimately scared, which put me on edge, and it was just an awful time. I told him it was the moon but he didn't believe me. Crazy kid! But yeah, that was our stupid act of the day.

But lately I have been obsessed with the stars! I guess the whole horoscope change really got me into it. But the constellations in the winter are beautiful. Tonight, make an effort to look outside at the stars! Even with streetlights, it's pretty magnificent. I especially love that the cosmic prints are trending now.

What makes this trend so popular? I think it's our inner nerddom. These images exist in our lives, and that's kind of amazing. AND who wouldn't want the Polaris and Orion's Belt on your legs?! Science- get excited people!

Pictures are: one two three and four five


  1. That picture...dang.
    And I totally agree about everything space related. Go astronomy!

    Also, I nominated you as a Stylish Blogger :)

  2. Oh, huzzah!! Thanks Olivia!! :D

    I will not let you down!

  3. i love this post - i too am absolutely IN LOVE with these pieces and i totally always want to know exactly what it is that the picture is dorky but amazing :) i just found your blog on ifb, i really like it!! i will be returning for sure! xx, alex

    check out mine if you have a minute!!


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