Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stress. Stress.

But you know what helps? Blog stalking! While keeping up to date with Rockstar Diaries, I found a slew of adorable blogs, most of which were created by young married couples. I dislike how I want to get married like, right now after reading the blogs! :) Anyway, I thought I'd share a few lovelies with you before I go to my dreaded college class.

Andrew and Carissa are filmmakers and photographers. They got married at 17 and are keeping strong! They are in the process of adopting a girl named Rinah in Uganda after her parents died. They are so cool and kind, not to mention their videos kind of exploded my heart a little.

Hearblack is the blog of a young couple who are, of course, recently married. I really love their photography- check it out! It's all very cute and right up my alley!

Jenny James is a photographer and her posts are just plain beautiful. Her photography sessions are super creative and cute and perfect and everything.


  1. Ooh these are lovely lovely blogs! Cute and calming, just what I need. Stress is an understatement for what my senior class is experiencing. The past two weeks, you've been unable to avoid sobbing seniors in the hallway. It terribly depressing.
    As for dreaded college class, I'm sure it won't be as bad as mine was this morning. Apparently there was a typo on my schedule so when I showed up to class at 8am, no one was there, because the class is at 8pm. It was awful. And, 8pm doesn't work for me so I don't get to take Italian. :(
    So yeah, I needed those blogs. Thank youuuu!

  2. Thanks for recommending these blogs - they're all fantastic. Now I have more blogs to add to my already-crammed blogroll. And I agree, nothing alleviates stress better.


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