Sunday, November 13, 2011

let's play dress up!

I love our burgundy door...

It's always so weird coming back home- I kind of forgot what it's like not living with the family. And I always have an unfortunate selection waiting for me in my closet since I took everything wearable with me! I couldn't believe I forgot this sweater though... I freaking love it and the itchiness it provides is definitely forgivable. Beauty is pain, ladies. And lads. Beauty is pain.

OHANDTOANOTHERTOPIC.... I've been thinking about buying more biker shorts to wear underneath my dresses and skirts. Does anyone else do that? I'm sorry, but I can't risk the world seeing my knickers as I tend to wear skirts and dresses on the WINDIEST DAYS. I always wear soffe shorts or cut off leggings underneath. I call them my humility insurance.



  1. I have a habit of only wearing really short dresses when it's cold enough for tights, so that's my "humility insurance". If I'm wearing them in the summer than it's usually way to hot to think of wearing pants too!

  2. Very true, haha I can't risk the humiliation though! It gets quite windy during the summers here :)


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