Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i spy an air freshener, water jug, and ukulele :)

Outfit details:
Dress- Wet Seal (1 cent sale! Holla! [Yeah I just said Holla. Deal, yo.])
Sweater- Kohl's
Tights- Ross
Shoes- DSW

Oh yes. Judging from the Christmas lights I AM ready for Christmas. If you guys ever meet me I probably won't look like this, I do love dresses and they're my go-to ensemble, but I just get uncomfortable with the people staring at me as I walk to class. Have you noticed that we size up people we stare at? You know, looking at their clothes, if they're pretty or not, etc. It's a whole lot of judgement going on in a split second and I just want to be left alone with my girly clothes, please! That's why I look straight ahead when I walk and try not to stare at other people, I'm trying to break the negative habit! Dressing up makes me super happy and is an automatic mood lifter. Can I get an "mhhmm, amen sister" ladies? Eh? Ehh?

But the main reason I dressed up was because I had an exam today. I'm not joking! I always dress up on exam days because I think that if I do dress up, the exam will somehow be nicer to me... Look good and everything will be good to you? I know it sounds superficial, don't judge me :) But the power of cute clothing, lemme tell ya, is something that can't be topped.



  1. I agree so hard! I always dress up when I know a day will be stressful, because if everything goes downhill at least you'll feel pretty. It may be superficial but it works.

  2. Yes! I agree with that thinking I always dress up for exams as well! Because even if I don't do well at them at least I look good!

  3. I'm so glad you girls agree! Haha I'm not the only one, so that's good. And thanks Limasim! If I had the choice, my whole closet would be filled with dresses (:


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