Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas swag.

And by swag, I mean what I got for Christmas, not the ridiculous term that comes out of everybody's mouths and/or facebook statuses. (ie: I got the new Concords! #swag)

Anyway, wassup everybody?! I hope the holidays were wonderful for you all, I definitely enjoyed it. More pic of my winnings to come, I just bought myself a DSLR with my Christmas money and that baby takes up all of my attention for now :) I'm testing out a bunch of different effects and stuffs. Any tips are certainly appreciated. 

Oh and the bangs! I always chop off a good deal of my hair whenever I'm bored. :) So yeah there's that change....



  1. Oh, congrats on the new camera! I recommend diving into the manual controls as soon as possible - once you do, you'll realize it's a lot easier than it seems, and you'll have so much more control over your pictures. Have fun with it!

  2. Cute shirt <3


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