Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spotlight Sunday: True Blue Abbi

Abbigayle Rashae of True Blue Abbi
About Me: My name is Abbigayle Rashae, I've been homeschooled since the middle of 6th grade, am a Mormon, and Lifestyle Blogger. I've had my blog True Blue Abbi since the end of June in 2010. I love fashion, beauty, photography, graphic design, and much more! I hope you stop by to say hi(:   

1) Tell us a little about your blog. I started my lifestyle blog, True Blue Abbi, back in 2010 around the end of June. I love posting my personal fashion along with tips and little snippets from my life. 
2) What got you into blogging and why did you start your blog? My dad actually had the idea for me from something he found online. This blog was going to be something for my church but it's turned into so much more! I can't imagine ever leaving the blogging community now.
3) How would you describe your personal style? My mom and I have both agreed that my style is 85% Minimalist and 15% Maverik. That means that I like to keep my style really plain and simple, but I go a little crazy with fun, quirky accessories. 
4) Do you have any influences in your posts? I get inspiration from other bloggers and magazines. I want to please my readers. But, I want to please myself as well. People can tell when you're not fully into what you write. 
5) Do you have any particular hobbies or interests? I love photography! I take my own outfit pictures and give myself little photo shoots. I also love reading and writing. I have ever since I could remember. Another favorite is finding new things to love online!
6) How is your blog different from others? I'm not sure True Blue Abbi is much different than other lifestyle blogs. I'm an almost 15 year old homeschooled, Mormon girl that takes my own photos and is scatterbrained. I guess that's how it's different! 
7) What do you see yourself doing with your blog/ personal style in 5 years? I really hope that my blog keeps growing and that I can figure out my personal style more. 
8) Any words of wisdom for aspiring bloggers? Branch out! Leave your links in comments and make a Facebook page. An amazing site my dad found for me last night is called Link Referral. I'd recommend checking it out! Also, love what you post. Don't go with what you think your readers will like. Post about things you love and true followers will be drawn to you within time.

And there you have it. Abbi of True Blue Abbi is a fantastic lady whose talent for blogging and networking really impresses me. Be sure to check our her bloggity if you haven't already, AND she's hosting a giveaway right now by Giant Vintage Sunglasses that runs til June 10th! Go!!!

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  1. Thank you dear for the sweet interview and button swap! I'll post about it on my blog so people can come and see(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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