Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!

Happy Easter, everyone!
It's also my sixteenth birthday! Yep, on Easter Sunday, pretty neat, huh?

I thought it was so quaint that my sixteenth birthday, what U.S. society deems as the year a girl becomes a 'woman', is on Easter. It's special to me. I'm getting older, learning more, but keeping my religion close at the same time.
On top of that, this has been my best birthday I've ever had. Bar none. I didn't get any flashy car, mind you, (sorry, Sweet Sixteen) but the experiences I've had are absolutely unforgettable.
I got me a fancy shmancy camera, new cell, LOADS of candy, A Betsey Johnson necklace, gift cards, an iTouch case, another necklace (that gave my aunt hives, don't ask.) , wonderful dinners out with my family, perfume, bracelets, guh. so much! I'm overwhelmed. What I loved most was how many 'Happy Birthdays' I got. Really, I never knew that so much people would take the time out to even wish me a wonderful day. That makes me feel loved. On top of that, I got everything I wanted and so much more.
It's just been a great, perfect day, once I look back on it.

From friend.

from brother.

Pretty flower!

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