Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Three

I'm posting on day 4, technically, because I was sooo tired yesterday night. I seemed to be coming down with something so I just slept early. I guess I had a leeetle too much excitement for the day!

We went to the DongDaeMun Shopping Center that day. It. was. epic. HUUUUGE building, four of them, and they ALL had floors upon floors of clothes. I wish I had taken a picture inside, it's just that everyone was looking at us funny when brother was vlogging, and there were people everywhere! Lemme paint a mental picture for you. Imagine your favorite mall, then line the walls with small booths no longer than 5 yards, and they all have clothes that are both cheap and insanely cute! There were 3 floors of women's clothing, 1 men's, 1 bags/hats/accessories, and whatever else. It was glorious. I wanted to cry. It was so cramped full of clothes, you barely had enough room to fit two people down the aisles.

day three

We had Tonkatsu for breakfast, I believe it's Japanese. It's panko-breaded pork cutlets served with a sweet and tangy sauce. Traditionally served with cabbage salad, rice, and this yellow creamy buttery soup. Corn was just an added bonus!

day three

Ahh, homemade dumplings, regular and kimchi dumplings! Korean dumpling are different from Chinese because of what's in them. They have pork, vermicelli noodles, green onions, and other little veggies that make them good. You can serve them pan-fried, deep-fried, steamed, or boiled.

day three

Champong for dinner! This is one of my favorite dishes of all time. It's chicken broth, but really spicy and good, with tons of vegetables and seafood with noodles of course! It was super spicy, but soo good. I got the masochism from my dad's side of the family I guess. Ma can't take the heat. :)

day three

The cousin of champong, Chajangmyun is noodles in a soy bean paste with all kinds of vegetables and usually pork meat. The soy bean paste doesn't taste like what you'd expect. I kind of suck at describing, but it's good.

Trust me.

day three

Ahh, good stuff, good stuff.


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