Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In which I explain my current existence.

I'm alive. Just thought I should mention. (To myself)

I'm going to keep writing, no matter what. Whether it be in journals or blogs- some people say to live now and not look back. It doesn't work for me. I'm a forgetful person, and even forget things about myself that I used to do and behave like. I like to look back and see what happened to me and how I interpreted it.

Everyone seems to be traveling all of a sudden. Is that a sign? Should I have taken that Student Ambassador's trip even though it was offered to pretty much everyone and cost an ungodly amount of money? Ooh, or maybe it was a mission trip I was supposed to go to. Well. Not time to be bitter about time lost. eugh.

Today I learned a mini-lesson: It takes balance. I saw Eat, Pray, Love yesterday and it talked about that, but I didn't learn until today. I've been enjoying my freedom of senior year too much. Too much friends, not enough family. I feel that I've been neglecting the time I want with them, but haven't had enough time spent with friends. It requires self-control and self-evaluation skills. I missed talking to my family, and I know, FOR A FACT, that when you're a teenager and you don't spend as much time as you used to with a family that you love, you start getting irritated more and grow distant.

I never want to disappear from myself, if that makes sense. I want to be purely me, whoever that is! It's nice to take a breather this year from things that might be affecting me negatively or superficially. I want to get back to the basics.

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