Sunday, October 3, 2010

You and Me Baby We're Stuck Like Glue

Ah, so many new things to mention! My hair has gotten longer. :)

It is my senior year, and I am definitely starting to feel it! I'm holding on to every moment I can knowing that this is my last year of high school. I never felt like a "senior", but when I looked through some recent pictures, I can kind of see it. Just a little though. I mean, I still love me some iCarly and Spongebob.

These Sam Edelman wooden heels are my ma's, and I love them. I actually just love Sam Edelman shoes period. I also have some purple snakeskin T-strap flats by Edelman too!

In other news, I am now co-host of an online radio show!! Fashion Beat, on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio wanted Erin and I to host a kid's based talk show and of all topics, fashion was the chosen subject. Of course, talking about fashion over the radio can be hard for listeners to visualize, but I'm adamant on a blog that goes along so everyone can see what exactly we're talking about!

Let me use this picture to sum up the next change:

Certainly sensationalized, vegetarianism/veganism can be a lifestyle change that can be put into motion for a number of reasons. For me, it's just that 99% of all meat is factory farmed and it isn't even REAL MEAT.

Cows are now cloned and the FDA said that it's completely legal NOT to label if it's a cloned animal or not. Almost all of our meat is produced from artifical insemination. Chickens are genetically altered to have more breast meat; so much so that they literally topple over from the weight and can get trampled to death. All of this I found from Jonathan Safran Foer's Book Eating Animals . I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you read this- it changed my whole view on things!

So I don't eat meat- chances are it's factory farmed. I will very rarely eat meat from Chipotle (they claim that their animals are naturally and humanely raised) and plan to wean myself off of it in time. But aside from that, it's all vegetarian for me! I actually discovered last week that I LOVE zucchini. I didn't know that. So you never know, try new things! Life's waaay too short to dislike change!


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