Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear We're Still Goodbyin'!

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I cannot wait for Christmas this year! My mama, brother and I are heading to Washington to see our family and spend a good week there. I suppose it's all the family I get to see. No other family members live in Arizona so going back home to the West Coast is my favorite way to spend time together. It snows there, too. That's definitely a plus!

When I headed out to Tempe for the radio station the clouds were gray and gloomy- it made me so happy. We listened to Christmas music on the way there and I was so elated I was smiling nonstop. I get to wear my sweaters, layers, and my boots. Knowing that very soon I get to visit my family makes me all the more happier. Even when we all aren't doing anything fun, at least we do it altogether. That's where all my positive memories come from- my loved ones.

What are you doing for the holidays? :)


Desmond Tutu is a Reverend and South African activist who became famous in the 1980s for his objection to apartheid. He was the first black South African Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town. He has been active in the protection and defense of human rights and constantly issues campaigns for the oppressed. He has campaigned to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, homophobia, transphobia, poverty and racism.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

Love your family- they're all you have. No matter what may happen, we should all be here for one another.


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  1. Really cute outfit. I love the belt over the dress, it looks great. :)



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