Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Happy

My Christmas was amazing! I love any excuse to see my family, really. Whenever we get together, I think the word 'FOOD' comes to mind the quickest. (Hey, I'm being honest) I had my fill of dim-sum, Starbucks, shopping, and family loooove. :)

 SOOOO many presents! That's the best part of having a ton of family members there for Christmas- even if it's not for you, the sight of presents overflowing the area just makes me happy.

I got a great deal of amazing prezzies- an Anthropologie bag (I ♥ that store), gift cards, a Kindle, a baritone ukulele, and MONEY! Not to mention the gifts my friends got me. I'm sure blessed! During this trip, however, I noticed that I was hanging with the "adults" more than the kids. Has that ever happened to you? The cousins and younger relatives you'd sit with on the kid's table has just too much energy for you to handle, and you start voicing your opinions in the adult discussions? I thought it was so weird and it made me sad- I'm growing up, and it just shows how fast time flies by!

We're mandoo (Korean dumpling) making machines! In Korean myths, if you make pretty looking dumplings, that means you will have a pretty baby! As I laid down my perfectly pleated dumplings on the tray, my aunts and brother teased me, to which I jokingly said I wanted a pretty baby...
But I was only half-joking...


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  1. I noticed that too this Christmas! I definitely was talking to the adults while my bf was playing nerf guns in the basement with the kids!


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